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Subject:It's been a few years - a few crazy years - since I last posted on here.
Time:08:47 pm
Current Mood:soresore
What to say?

I've fought leukemia and won. I had a non-related donor for my bone marrow transplant in January of 2012 and had a harrowing year and a half of chemotherapy, total body irradiation and various and sundry medical procedures. I lived in an isolation ward for 12 weeks (two 6 week stays) and am still seeing my oncologist and having testing done on a monthly basis. I made it past the one year post-transplant mark, which is a big thing as many of the people on the ward with me did not make it. I was very glad to be overweight as I lost a total of 80 lbs over the course of a year due to the treatment and side effects, etc. Some of that weight is back on now.

I started to see a personal trainer once I was given the go-ahead by my oncologist. The trainer used to be a nurse and he works with a lot of clients who have medical conditions. I had steroid myopathy, in which my body cannibalised my muscles to give my body fuel and the steroids overloaded my muscles and turned them in to weak noodly things.

My art and writing has suffered due to not having the brainpower/imagination for the past few years I have experienced. My cross-stitching has improved, though. ^_^

So there you have it.
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Subject:I'm not dead - just 40
Time:08:57 pm
Hi everyone,

I haven't been around in yonks, but I'm still alive. In fact, I turned 40 today. It's a very underwhelming feeling. I've worked six months of overtime and am drained and have been dealing with repetitive strain injuries in my right hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. I did a bunch of art a couple of months back, but haven't written or drawn in a while because of the arm.

I've had a shitty time since Christmas. I've been quite sick, but I finally got a diagnosis about what was going on with me a couple of months back and have been living with the repercussions ever since. I have Coeliac disease (my cousin has it) but my symptoms were not the text book type so it took a while to figure it out.

Celiac disease means I'm gluten intolerant and can't eat anything made with wheat, rye, barley and cross-contaminated oats. That sums up about 90% or so of processed foods. They put gluten in everything. It's in such things as drugs made by Pfizer/cigarette filters/drywall and toothpaste. It's in most deli meats. It's in commercial soups, soy sauce, miso paste.

The worst part is the bread deprivation and the fact I have to make things from scratch to ensure I know I'm not getting 'glutened'. Eating out is like dancing through a minefield, but we went to Ichiban tonight (tempanyaki Japanese restaurant) and I brought in my own wheat-free soy sauce and they cooked everything for me with it. It was great. I can eat a number of things at Vietnamese and Thai restaurants too, but my favourite, Italian, is a complete write off. I've been making my pasta sauces from scratch and have been buying imported 100% corn fettucini from the Italian grocery store I like to shop in, so I can still eat Italian if I make it myself.

But I'm a self-proclaimed carb fiend and not eating bread or pizza is a killer. Gluten free bread (commercial) sucks shit. I've made a few different breads using bean and rice flours, and while the home made GF bread is a million times better than the commercial GF breads, it still can't hold a candle to Winnipeg Rye bread or Ciabbatta bread from Costco.


I'll leave you with a picture I drew back in January. It's inspired by my perverted mind and the characters from Neverwinter Nights 2 (PC RPG) which spiralled off into a bunch of fanfics inspired by the girl gamers on the official game forums. The players are Sand (Elven Mage), Nevalle (human knight) and my PC, Haesseth (a half-elven bard).

TroikaCollapse )
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Current Music:Dancing Through Life - Wicked the Musical soundtrack
Current Location:why yes, I'm in the basement yet again
Subject:More garden makeover pics
Time:07:43 pm
Current Mood:artisticartistic
I'm feeling better. Cold FX does work; I'll be damned. Something with a testimonial that actually deserves it. I guess this is why all the hockey players up here have shares in the company. ^_^

I'm actually working on a piece of art and am working hard on the next chapter of my next story for publishing. I've only written 1,000 words, but it's better than how I've been doing for the past few years.

I've got a before and after pic of the area of the garden we claimed back. There was a chain link fence there originally, cutting off a huge portion of the garden. The area on the other side of the fence was split between a quarterdown parking pad and an overgrown patch used for growing potatoes and dill. The crab grass took it over a couple of years back and I hated it.

When we put in the garden doors and the deck, there was no other option for our privacy from the back lane except to put up a fence. So, we decided we'd turn the parking pad on its side on the other side of the fence we put up with the neighbour's blessing. We ran the fence so it was even with the end of the neighbour's garage. Then we built some raised flower beds and put up a trellis. We saved the actual chain link and attached it to the fence as a climbing frame for the Englemann's Ivy I planted. I'm sure it'll look great once everything has grown in. I planted a whole bunch of perennials my uncle dug up out of his garden, so I can't wait until next year when it all starts to grow in.

The area where the car pad and veggie patch were will be paved over next year, but not with flagstones. I'm going to put down different sizes of slate and plant creeping mosses and herbs between the cracks. I'm looking forward to the project. ^_^

So... first up is a pic from a few years back, showing what the area looked like in the stark light of early spring.

Before the makeoverCollapse )

The next pic is almost the same view, but after the renovation of the area.

After the makeoverCollapse )

The last pic is just a closer detail of the area with the raised flower beds that will be made into a patio next year.

Closer lookCollapse )
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Current Music:Popular - Wicked the Musical
Subject:Meet Shelob Junior
Time:11:36 am
She lives in our garage and is the smaller of the two Golden Orb Weaver spiders in residence there. It's a close up shot and you can see how hairy she is, so if spiders creep you out, it's better not to have a look.

Spidery goodnessCollapse )
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Subject:Happy Birthday Eumi!!!
Time:02:56 pm
Hope you have a great day!!!!
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Subject:the anthology with my story is published and available
Time:07:50 pm
It's been out for a couple of weeks already, but my daughter has been sick again and I'm entering into the sixth month of pulling overtime at work (which is pissing me off, let me tell you), so I've been too busy to udate my journal and let you all know.

The anthology is called Leading Ladies; Four Fairy Tales Retold and my pen name is Kate Devlin (my mother's maiden name). My story is Seanin and the Sleeping Prince, which is based on an old Irish fairy tale called Seamus and the Sleeping Princess.

If you are interested and live in Canada, you can find the book here on Amazon.ca -


or here on Chapters.ca -


In the US, you can find it on Amazon -


or at Barnes and Noble -


It's published by Draumr and you can also buy it from their online store here -


I hope those of you who expressed interest in buying a copy way back when it was still in the editing stage enjoy it.
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Current Music:Somewhere Inbetween - Kate Bush
Subject:It feels like the past year has left me quite remote.
Time:08:09 pm
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
I'm having a hard time getting back into the things I enjoyed before all the shit began to hit the fan around this time last year.

I have the next chapter of ANTR about 1/2 finished and I can't motivate myself (or get into the frame of mind I need to) to work on it. I have so many ideas for pictures/paintings/miscellaneous artwork kicking around in the back of my head, but that's where they seem to be stuck.

In Japanese class, my brain and mouth are in disconnect and words that I learned last year slip my mind all the time when I hear them being used in sentences posed by Sensei.

I'm spending time reading different things, but it's all fluff, nothing of substance at all. I've flitted in and out of my FL here on LJ on an irregular basis over the past few months. I've commented here and there, but mostly, when I've been reading back, I've been lurking and keeping up with everyone in a very intermittent fashion.

I've got about 4 different stories in different stages of incompletion and they'll be staying like that for a while if this current funk stays.

I'm immersed in the evil overtime season again. I changed my nametag on my cubicle to read Sisyphus, because frankly, that's who I feel like right now. What's funny is how many people at work haven't a clue as to who Sisyphus is. It's funny to note who actually gets it and understands the reference.

We bought a recumbent exercise bike as part of our New Year's commitment to being healthier and fitter and I've been using it every day because I can lift hand weights and read at the same time. Exercise that allows you to multi-task and read while doing it is perfect in my books. Knowing my luck, though, I'll end up with arms and legs built like Popeye, but I'll still be soft, pudgy and apple shaped in the middle. -__- '

My dad's oldest brother died last week. Yet another family member dealt a shit hand in the year of the rooster.

I hope I can motivate my ass into gear again, I really do.
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Subject:This is a pretty neat tool for making banners...
Time:08:04 pm
And it's got my artwork icons in it, which is just too cool.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005
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Current Music:Aerial - Kate Bush
Subject:Publishing news and stuff and even some art
Time:06:45 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Well, it's official. I'm going to have a story published in an anthology in 2006.

I think I mentioned it earlier in the year, before all the shit hit the fan with my family. I'm a member of a writers' group. This group writes stories featuring women with dress sizes 10 and up as the 'heroine' and there are a number of multi-published writers in the group. I was originally going to be submitting two stories for two different anthologies that were going to be put together. The first one was a 'faerie tale' anthology and the second was a 'paranormal' anthology. The paranormal story I was working on was shelved due to all the crap going on in real life, but I'd completed the first draft of my faerie tale story and it was submitted for the very long and involved editing process. The objective of the anthology group is to get all the stories submitted to the publisher for consideration to a stage where they will either be accepted or declined for inclusion in the anthology. The publisher has final say and we went through five drafts to get the stories ready for her to read.

One of the conditions for being accepted for consideration was that you had to help the other authors get their drafts written and re-written for submission too. I edited and proofed about 7 different stories, and in the final draft, I was a line editor. There were a lot of great stories written for the faerie tale anthology and only four were chosen out of the thirteen that made it to the final stage where they were ready for the publisher to look at It shocked me because they were all such great stories and beautifully written too. There may be a second anthology if the first one is well received. There will be a fifth story in the anthology, a round robin effort by the whole group. It's being written right now, but hasn't gotten to me yet.

I've had my work published before, but never for a wage and never in a paperback. I used to write the religion and lore columns for The Minstrel, the pagan/new age magazine based out of Winnipeg (a friend of mine is the owner and publisher)and some of my articles were picked up and reprinted by other pagan/new age magazines around the world. Apart from that, the only other writing I've shared is my fanfiction.

The story is 15,000 words long (approx) and is a modern re-telling of an old Irish faerie tale. The roles of male and female have been reversed with the female doing the rescuing and heroics, though, as the anthology is a new take on old faerie tales, twisted so the main character is a BBW. I'll also be publishing under a pen name; my mother's maiden name, Kate Devlin.

Next bit of publishing news.

My ex-husband had his first novel published earlier this fall. It's a crime novel, set in Winnipeg (mentions other parts of Canada) and he's been asked to write a second story using the same protagonist. It's called An Ordinary Decent Criminal and you can see it here on the Chapters Website http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/item.asp?Item=978088801313&Catalog=Books&Ntt=Ordinary+Decent+Criminal&N=35&Lang=en&Section=books&zxac=1

And last, but not least, behind the link below, you'll find my latest piece of work. It's Firefly fanart. I love that series, it should never have been cancelled, but at least we got a movie out of it. ^_^ The fanart is of River and Jayne and it's called All Gussied UpCollapse )
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Subject:This might be a bit morbid for some of you...
Time:07:26 pm
Behind the cut you'll find a photograph of my mum's headstone. It was my job to put it together with all of the elements the family wanted, because I'm the artist. It was hard to do. This is an perpetual memorial.

1 - the font had to be Celtic (Uncial). I had to supply the memorial place with the font as they didn't have it.

2 - there had to be shamrocks, a celtic cross, Gaeilge, a ship, a rose and my parent's signatures added.

3 - the gaeilge had to be "Tiocfaidh Ár Lá" which means 'our day will come' and is pronounced 'Chucky our Lah'. When my parents were dating, their song was Our Day Will Come, by Ruby and the Romantics, so this phrase aways had extra meaning to us and we refer to my dad (Charles) as Chucky our Da as a bit of a joke, because he was alway away at sea and only got about 3 months leave a year so we used to also say "Our Da Will Come."

My aunt has now asked me to design the headstone for her and my uncle. *_*

And now that I've bored you all to death, here's the photo

HeadstoneCollapse )
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