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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Den of Divinity
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St. Bernards Primary School - Newtownabbey Northern Ireland - County Antrim UK (1971 - 1974)
St. Macnissi's Primary School - Newtownabbey Northern Ireland - County Antrim UK (1974 - 1978)
Dominican College - Belfast Northern Ireland - County Antrim UK (1978 - 1983)
Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education - Belfast Northern Ireland - County Antrim UK (1983 - 1985)
Churchill High School - Winnipeg MB CA (1985 - 1986)
Red River Community College - Notre Dame Campus - Winnipeg MB CA (1990 - 1991)
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angel, angel/cordelia, angel/faith, animation, anime, art, belfast, bellydance, bellydance music, bleach, books, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, celts, civilization iii, civilization iv, computer rpgs, deep forest, delerium, depeche mode, doctor who, doctordonna, ds9, dungeons and dragons, eight/rose, enigma, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, fred/gunn, fushigi yuugi, gardening, hana yori dango, harry potter, hermione granger, hermione/severus, history, hook/wendy, ireland, japan, jayne cobb, kate bush, kaylee/simon, labyrinth, linkin park, loreena mckennitt, mal/inara, malcolm reynolds, manga, marilyn manson, merrie melodies, meteor garden, muppets, music, nana, neverwinter nights, nihongo, nin, nine/rose, northern ireland, ofra haza, outlander, raqs sharqi, reading, regencies, river tam, river/jayne, rpgs, science fiction, serenity, severus snape, spike, star trek, ten/donna, ten/martha, ten/rose, tenshi na konamaiki, tlc shows, tng, voyager, willow rosenberg, willow/spike, winnipeg, writing, x files, x men, zoe/wash
I was born and raised in Belfast, N. Ireland and emigrated to Canada with my family when I was 18. I'm married with a teenaged daughter, 2 cats and a lovely Mortgage. I also don't like to act my age and am rarely caught doing so. ^_^

When I'm not trapped in overtime hell or home renovation purgatory, I love to draw and paint and to write and I also love to read and have been seen reading cereal boxes if there's nothing else at hand. I'm a published writer (under a pen-name) and I have an unhealthy obsession with the character Severus Snape and can't stop drawing him or writing about him (paired up with Hermione Granger). I also love River Tam/Jayne Cobb and Willow Rosenberg/Spike. Then there's the doctor... I love all his incarnations, but especially eight/nine/ten and I like it even better when they're paired with Rose or Donna. AltEight/Rose is becoming a guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure. And I just love Donna/Ten to bits. There's some great fics out there Get help quick! ^_^

Recently I've been taking Egyptian Bellydance classes. It's a lot harder than it looks, but I'm having fun. It's a form of exercise I do not hate, even though I'm sometimes stiff in the hips/thighs from all that shimmying.